"Oh my God, the web-site is completely down! Where are the web designers?"
"Um, snow-boarding in Utah?"

Internet web page design and hosting services

Calling myself a web designer seems pretentious, but I have yet to find a better term. I am a good person to help you or your business get started with an "Internet presence" while you make enough money to finance taking your web-site to the next level.

I am a self-taught HTML coder, and I use CSS extensively. I am most comfortable doing exactly the kind of site you are visiting right now, i.e., a clean, simple, scalable, easy-to use, interoperable, website that adheres faithfully to W3C standards. I write my code by hand, using a text editor, rather than relying on some WHYSIWG editor. This means my code, which will pass W3C validation (HTML 4 transitional and CSS 2.0) before I stick a fork in it, will likely not have to be extensively rewritten when you scale-up your site. There won't be meta-tags for things you don't recognize lurking in the code, and you won't have some arcane style-sheet (I use the Blueprint CSS framework) to deal with someday.

If all those acronyms and terms don't mean anything to you, then I might be who you are looking for! Simply put, I design web-sites that display information that doesn't change too frequently and is best expressed using words and pictures. Think of me as the Internet version of that guy who makes flyers for local bands. If you can xerox it, I can put it on the Internet!

If you're really new to this and also need to register a domain name, i.e., get your own "dot-com," I can help you with that, too.

If you need a lot of bells and whistles, animations, video-streaming, something that people log-in to, or something where people can buy stuff directly on-line, you need another web designer. But, if you just want to have an inexpensive custom-designed web-site so people can learn about and understand what you do, so they can find you using Google, or just so you can publish something you want the world to know about, I'm your man.

Generally, that kind of site costs about $100-$500, and payment of that fee includes free hosting (as long as it remains the kind of site I design) for your first year. I will mail you a CD of your site's entire content when we get it finished. It's yours then, I retain no copyright. I operate according to the same rules I have for personal computer consulting. I'll tell you before we start what your total cost will be.