The Gates - pictures from Joe Bly

February 8, 2005

All images on this page are the property and copyright of Joe Bly.


This is a line of bases in our area awaiting the installation of The Gates. The triangular plastic pieces inserted in each end were there to keep people from tripping over them. The bases were installed in the Park in early January and remained in this state until the installation of The Gates began on February 7,2005

a base

This piece of steel weighs 627 lbs and it is the anchor for the entire Gate system. The development of these bases was one of the important steps in gaining approval for the project. The original design for The Gate included installation directly into the earth, something the Park Dept was never going to approve.


This is really the first part of the installation of The Gates. This is one of our crew members installing the leveling plate on a base, the assembly upon which each upright rests. Having this plate level is what makes the uniformity and precision of the installation possible even though the Gates are installed over the uneven terrain of the walking paths in Central Park.

Step 1

This is my crew with the uprights in place getting ready to attach the horizontal to the vertical pieces. The Gates trailing out behind us represent a section of those that we had already erected by this time. That's me bending over the far corner in the orange hat.

Step 2

This is another picture of the same step in the process from another angle. It is important to ensure that the vinyl cover of the rolled-up curtain in the horizontal piece does not get caught in the seam between the horizontal pieces and the vertical pieces. This is why we are paying such careful attention to sliding this piece into place.

Step 3

This is the raising of The Gate. We walk it up from a horizontal position, two team members are stationed at each base to secure the base to the mounting shoe, so it doesn't go flying off the base while it is being raised.

Step 4

Another picture of the Gate going up. The woman in the blue vest off to the left is a zone supervisor, sort of the overlord for a group of teams, she's stopped by to promise us a bunch of materials which we'll never get (just kidding). The picture is reminiscent of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.

Step 5

Once the Gate has been raised to a horizontal position and fitted down over the bolts in the leveling plate, it is bolted into place and a base cover is installed over this assembly.