The Gates: Installation Day 4

February 10, 2005

The day began with some disappointing news. The evening before, we had left 8 Gates in our section of the Park uninstalled because we lacked the materials to complete the installations. We found out this morning that we were not going to get to complete those installations ourselves, because we were being moved to another area of the Park where a crew was far behind.

raising a gateIt was a mild disappointment, but a disappointment nonetheless. We began by knocking out a quick five gates in an area just north of ours, across the Park Drive from the Tennis courts at about the 93rd street level on the West Side. Then we crossed the drive to complete more than a third of the work of another crew working around the tennis courts who were not completing their installations on schedule. We would have completed their installations but we ran out of materials again. Our crew chief remarked on more than one occasion that he felt like Patton running out of gasoline during the invasion of Germany in WWII.

This was the day we were supposed to get the bad weather, and we did get some rain around the middle of the day, but the rain actually made the job a bit easier because the water acted as a lubricant in some important ways. In the afternoon the sun broke out and the temperatures dropped. The snow that was forecasted never arrived, and by the end of the day we had bright sunshine and low humidity again, another crystal clear NYC winter day.

We installed Gates in what I thought was a really cool area, a triangle formed by the intersection of three walking paths, and along a slowly rising trail west of the tennis courts. This is a trail upon which I walked almost once a day during the summer, it was nice to be back out in that area of the Park again, taking care of a part of the Park that I know so well and use so often.

day for restBy the end of the day, we ran short on the materials we needed to install the last part of the section for which we had been assigned responsibility, so our crew went over to help another crew finish up the work they had already pulled materials for earlier. Once the materials are in place, our crew is really fast at installing The Gates, we all enjoy the ballet of our installation routine, so it was a nice way to end the day. I have a 4:30 PM appointment every Thursday, so I left a few minutes early to go make it on time, the crew was very kind to let me go.