The Gates: Installation Day 3

February 9, 2005

Finding inner balanceWe almost finished today, two days ahead of schedule. We would have finished, but we were again short of supplies, so we had to quit with eight of our 100 Gates left to be installed. Other sections of the Park aren't doing so well, there have been some problems with teams, more problems with supplies being delivered in a timely manner, other logistical problems inherent in doing something on this grand a scale.

The Park looks awesome. The Gates are everywhere. The placement of them was inspired, it is going to be a truly amazing thing when it is finished. Even with being involved with the project as intimately as I am, I still remain awe-struck when I ride around the Park on the bus and see what is going on.

We had a third day of amazingly mild weather. It was supposed to rain today, but it didn't. It did sprinkle a bit during our lunch hour, but it was very light and very brief. Lunch was good again, every time I come off the food-line with this huge plate of food wondering how I am going to finish it all and fifteen minutes later I have an empty plate. This is hard work, physical labor, and it inspires a significant appetite.

I was sore this morning, mostly in my hamstrings, but otherwise my body feels pretty good considering that I have significantly stepped up my physical activity. It makes me wish I had a job that involved about this amount of work. I enjoy the way it makes me feel, I like being tired at the end of the day. It is easy to get to sleep and I sleep soundly.

short-sleevesThere's not much unusual to discuss about this day, except that it was the first day that nothing really unusual happened. Our supplies were in place, the installations went mostly routinely. We had two Gates for which the installation required some improv, but even those went off without a problem. We really have the entire process down to a ballet, when things are as they should be it goes with little problem. An uncomplicated Gates installation can happen in about four minutes, start to finish.

I have a feeling that we have a really excellent team, but I have no way to know. I just don't see how it can get much better than it has so far. I lost my patience a few times today, I regret that, but I don't think I really offended anyone. I don't know why, but I don't get listened to some times. I usually don't speak up unless I have something worthwhile to say.

I decided against having a book or a poster signed by Christo. They have enough work to do. I don't need a material object to remind me of the project, I don't have a need to display my participation for anyone else. I am growing tired of acquiring things, so I just decided to pass my opportunity by, which was today. I'll have my memories, that's plenty for me.

The Erector Set gets organizedTomorrow, I anticipate that we will finish up our work fairly early and then get dispatched to assist other areas which are running behind. They told us this morning that 3860 of the 7500 Gates were installed as of the end of the day Tuesday, I'll bet you that number is closer to 6000 today. We had good weather, we know what we're doing, they worked out most of the supply distribution problems.

So, tomorrow should be interesting. Stay tuned.