"Any writer, I suppose, feels that the world into which he was born is nothing less than a conspiracy against the cultivation of his talent."

-  James Baldwin

About this blog

The is a hand-coded version of what I think a blog should be and look like. I created it in the summer of 2019 after trying several static web-site generation tools, all of which seemed to be technical over-kill for what I am trying to do. I wanted to move my blogging from the GoogleVerse to my website. I'm alarmed not by Google's intentions, I'm alarmed by the unintended consequences of feeding these filtering algorithms. The political ascension of the White Supremacist terrorist community in the US is a direct consequence of how videos are filtered on YouTube, for example. Count me out.

Even in client-side tools, even in the open source community, this over-engineering, feature-cramming, over-coding disease is epidemic with things that plead for simplicity, like static website generators. Keep it simple, please. Everything is so much more complicated than it needs to be. I suppose I should write about that, too, but consider this "Artisanal Web-log" to be my little push-back against all that.

I've worked pretty hard over the last thirty years to teach myself the skills I need to do exactly this, by hand, making things look exactly the way I want them to look, so why not? Why should I surrender my control in exchange for features I don't need or want? I want to post stuff and publish it to my website. It's not a difficult problem to solve.

I already develop this website on GitHub and link it to an AWS s3 bucket configured for static web-hosting using web-hooks and an AWS CodeDeploy applet. That is really all the automation I need. The rest of it is just writing HTML documents and synching a repo.

I am reminded by all this that every "upgrade" to the technology I use to listen to music via digital means since Napster has given me less control over what I own, how I play it, and where I can keep it. Come on, man!

If you are finding me here for the first time, you might want to review my former content on Google's BlogSpot. I did a short stint on Patreon. The lack of interest (beyond two dear friends) was deafening.

I don't need anything other than text editor to make a web page, so I here is my humble labor. I am grateful.

R DeWald - July 28, 2019

Updated July 30, 2019